Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine Review

One of the most suggested exercise equipments that you will come across is the Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine. This rowing machine is the only one that is made up of traditional ash wood.

Using this rowing machine will help you get rid of fat on your thighs, arms also your hips while also toning your entire body. In case you are using a rowing machine for the first time the Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine is perfect for.


The Water Rower machine is one of the few rowing machines that even people above 1000 pounds can use and since this rowing machine does require a tank of water to function it gives quite a realistic feel to the users. However, there are other types of rowing machines to choose from.

WaterRower Inc. is one of the older companies to make rowing machines and was started in the year 1988 and since then has produced wide variety of fitness equipments for all.

Many people recommend this company because its products are quite reliable and last longer than most other fitness equipments out there.


One very good thing about the Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine is that assembling the product is relatively easy. Whether you are good with assembling products or not you will be able to put together the Natural Rowing Machine.

Once the product is delivered, inside the box you will find step by step instructions and also the parts that are needed to put the rowing machine together. Manufacturers claim that half an hour would be enough to assemble this rowing machine.


Even the Allen Wrench you would need is provided with the product. It’s easier to assemble because this product does not comes in numerous pieces; in fact it comes in 2 main boxes. One box contains the rails while the other box has the middle section and the water tank.


The weight of the rowing machine with a full tank is 103.5 lbs while with an empty tank its 66.5 lbs. its dimensions are 82 x 22.25 x 20” and has water resistance.

The highest amount of weight this rowing machine can take is 1000 lbs while the height is 41’’. It’s made up of ash wood, Strained Honey Oak and has padded seating.


As you know this rowing machine is made up of solid top quality wood and that’s what makes it such a stable rowing machine. It does not move and can even endure quick strokes.

Due to its wooden frame it is silent thus you don’t have to worry about squeaking sounds. The only sound you may have to hear is that of the water splashing which adds to the realism.

Your legs and arms both are needed to operate the machine which ensures both body parts get the workout needed. This rowing machine also comes with monitors that display information like stroke rate, intensity, calories burned, time, heart rate, target zone, distance etc.


Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine is one rowing machine you should definitely consider buying. With all the excellent features and reasonable cost, it is one of the best rowing machines.